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 New Management

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PostSubject: New Management   Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:04 pm

To newcomers of the game, welcome to Digital World Story. Others who have returned from the game's 5-day hiatus, welcome back. Now, normally Vanner would be giving this sort of announcement. However, as of today, I am taking over management of Digital World Story. Vanner is still just as much a part of the team, as our coder. But things come up, and he dosen't have as much time as he used to.

To celebrate the change in position, I'm holding a decathlon to bring in some old and new faces. Starting today, I'll be posting a schedule of events for the upcoming days to come. The winner(s) of each event will gain Event Points, which will go in with a set of events that players will have to go through, if they want their prize. More rules and regulations as we go along. But, for one and all, welcome to the world.
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New Management
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