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 Important! Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Important! Guild Requirements   Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:42 pm

Valor Knights: Leader-Exzerium
Guild Req.:Must have at least 2 Holy type Megas, or 2 Royal Knights, or 1 Holy type Mega and 1 Royal Knight unless they have Omnimon, UlForceVeedramon or Alphamon or Sleipmon

Steel Fang: Leader-Chaos God Ragna
Guild Req.: 350 digipoints, 200 arena points, atleast 2 beast megas, and talked to babamon

Peacemakers: Leader-Dante
Guild Req.: Must have a Dark type Mega digimon and be able to take out 1/6th of Beelzemon's HP in a battle

Plumaria: Leader-Kitara
Guild Req: Must have at least 1 angel mega (Seraphimon, Sleipmon) or 2 bird type mega of at least level 60 or a lucemon of lvl 70.

Dragon's Roar: Leader-Moo Cow
Guild Req: Must have one Dragon-type digimon at level 70 and be liked by Moo Cow
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Important! Guild Requirements
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