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 Level Patamon from scratch: The Newbie Edition

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PostSubject: Level Patamon from scratch: The Newbie Edition   Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:36 pm

This guide is to help anyone who got a patamon as their starter, and want to level it up all the way to Seraphimon, patamon's Mega level form. This guide also takes into account that some people will want to level their patamon so that it has the bests stats, and takes that into account. Anyway, onto the guide itself!

~~Starting Off With Patamon~~
When you start off and get your patamon,you should train against Kapurimon until level 2. At this point, you should be sure to buy 5 Digiheal 150s and 10 Return Maps. Return Maps are the key to victory, as you should use them to escape areas when you run out of Digiheals and are low on HP (Note: You should always make sure to buy Digiheals the instant you run out, or you run the risk of dying).

~~Patamon Digivolves Into An Angel!~~
Be prepared for a good hour of non-stop fun, your first real training mission is to level against Muchomon until level 11! Return to base a digivolve your Patamon into an Angemon. All of your EXP is kept during the digivolution, but it helps to return quickly. At this point, you should be able to fight DoKunemon and take only 1 damage from them, so fight them until you reach level 15. Now you should be able to reach the next area know as Gateway Mountain. At this point, you should be able to take down Goburimon with ease, so beat them up until you reach level 18. At this point, Link cave becomes available to you, so you should try and defeat Gizamon until your level 20, as this is the last obstacle before the sewers. Now that you can reach the sewers, you would think that you should raise your max level. Well, don't. Its best to raise your max level only when needed, as to raise your stats as high as possible. Now, you should be able to gain that last level to reach level 21 by killing Syakomon. You could try Numemon, but I took the slow route to try and gain more digipoints.

~~Its Called A MagnaAngemon, Not MangaAngemon!~~
If your following me, you should get a level 21/31 MagnaAngemon soon after reaching the sewers. However, you need to get to level 41 before this MangaAngemon can become a Mega level Digimon. Therefor, you should go back down into the sewers to perform a training montage against Syakomon and Numemon until you reach level 22. Now, you should be able to clear out large armys of Sukamon, so you should kill until you reach level 24. Now, go beat your red veggie and prepare for a hard area. The deeper area of the Protocol Forest has no virus digimon, but don't think your heading their yet.

~~The Start Of A Seraph's Reign~~
You main goal in the sewers is to reach level 28 against Sukamon. Now you should be able to fight Ankylomon for several more levels. Just keep track of your HP, because these guys hit hard! Defeat Ankylomon until you reach level 30. Remember to upgrate your heal items to DigiHeal 300, as they actually help you more than DigiHeal 150s. Once at level 30, you should be able to fight of Veedramon. You should fight them for quite a while, until you reach level 31. At this point, you should be able to beat Tyrannomon if luck is on your side. So, once your giving the mission, head on down to Defult Desert to begin the grandscale leveling scheme. Ponchomon are fun little digimon that you should be able to defeat until level 40, so do that.

~~Now Do It Yourself!~~
For your last level to reach level 41, you can fight either Mummymon or Ponchomon, the choice is yours. But now that you have a level 41 MangaAngemon, all you have to do is digivolve it. Thank you for reading this guide, you have compleated your goal of obtaining a Seraphimon. ^^
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Level Patamon from scratch: The Newbie Edition
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